Arrest Yahoo Criminals Not Young People Buhari To Police

bu Arrest Yahoo Criminals Not Young People Buhari To Police

Arrest Yahoo Criminals President Muhammadu Buhari said.

He cautioned officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force against molesting young people.

in their bid to arrest `yahoo criminals..

Buhari stated down this warning at the opening ceremony of the Conference.

And, Retreat for Senior Police Officers on Monday in Lagos.

The theme of the retreat is “Repositioning the Force for the Challenges of Effective Policing in the 21st Century.’’

President Muhammadu Buhari represented by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

bu-2 Arrest Yahoo Criminals Not Young People Buhari To Police

 Buhari said that the service the police force rendered was one Nigerians could not do without,

Nevertheless it was the closest to the grassroots he emphasized..

According to him, there are police stations everywhere.

And the police above every other service represent law and order to the average Nigerian.

Which is why the police cannot escape public scrutiny and sometimes criticism.

Nigerian people old and young want our Police force to be better and to do better.

“This is why in some of our urban areas we want to see more compliance with the rule of law and in dealing with Nigerians.

“Recently many civil society groups have complained about the arrest of young men and women.

Just because they look successful and are carrying laptops or flashes phone.

Yes he stated also that we must apprehend yahoo criminals

but we cannot harass young men and women on the streets and in taxis or buses,

most of whom are merely going about their legitimate jobs.

“There are also cases of extra judicial killings and injuries; misuse of weapons

On the other hand excessive use of force by some members of the force.

This sort of conduct is by some bad element of police officers which must stop.

Buhari said that the Nigeria Police force was one of the proudest National assets.

Best of all it the largest police force in Africa and need proper conduct..

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