Wizkid: Buhari/Trump same person lol, reveals similarities

wizkid-Trump-Buhari Wizkid: Buhari/Trump same person lol, reveals similarities

Wizkid on his Twitter page wrote: “Buhari/Trump same person lol.

Wizkid: Buhari/Trump

Following the killing of an African-American, George Floyd,

by a Minneapolis cop, cum the killing of Tina,

a 16-year-old young lady, at Iyana Oworo zone of Lagos,

by associated official with the Nigerian police, Ayo Balogun,

prominently known as Wizkid, Monday lashed out at President Muhammadu Buhari and his partner,

President Donald Trump of the United States, portraying the couple as dumbfounded pioneers.

Wizkid who has never remarked on any open talk, astounded Nigerians and without a doubt the whole present reality.

He said Police are executing dark Americans and Nigerian Police then again are murdering Nigerians.

Wizkid on his Twitter page wrote:

Review that Floyd on Monday a week ago, was nailed somewhere around a cop,

his cheek squeezed into the black-top of the road simply behind the correct

back feel burnt out on the Minneapolis Police SUV.

He shouted, “If you don’t mind, please. I can’t relax. “I can’t inhale, official.”

one official keeps on stooping on Floyd’s neck,

till he quit relaxing.

Also, in Nigeria, Theophilus Otobo, an Assistant Superintendent of Police and Oguntoba Olamigoke,

Nevertheless, a police Inspector joined to Bariga Police Station, was captured for the shooting which prompted the demise of Tina Ezekwe,

a 16-year-old young lady, at Iyana Oworo territory of Lagos.

Ms Ezekwe, a senior optional 2 understudy, was hit by a police projectile on

Tuesday night and was hurried to a close by medical clinic.

She kicked the bucket two days after the fact.

Rankled by these episodes, Wizkid by means of his checked twitter hand stated:

“Police dey murder dark Americans and Naija police dey slaughter

Nigerians. No man fit sort this issue. God spare us.

“Buhari/Trump same individual lol just contrast be say one sabi use twitter pass the other. Confused!

“God spare the world ! Spare the individuals”

Police dey slaughter dark Americans and Naija police dey execute

Nigerians. No man fit sort this issue. God spare us

— Wizkid (@wizkidayo) May 30, 2020

Buhari/Trump same individual lol just distinction be say one sabi use twitter pass the other. Dumbfounded!

— Wizkid (@wizkidayo) June 1, 2020

God spare the world ! Spare the individuals ❤

— Wizkid (@wizkidayo) June 1, 2020

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Aisha Buhari: Distributes face mask to northern states

Aisha-Buhari Aisha Buhari: Distributes face mask to northern states
Aisha Buhari

First lady Aisha Buhari: Distributes face mask to northern states

The First Lady, Hajiya Aisha Buhari, is collaborating with the National Directorate of Employment

(NDE) to produce 180,000 face masks for distribution to six Northern states of Nigeria as part of efforts

aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Speaking on Wednesday at the training of about 15 women who will produce the face masks in Bauchi,

(NDE), Nasiru Ladan Argungu, the Director-General, National Directorate of Employment

He also said the face masks will be produce and distributed in

collaboration with the pet project

of the First Lady Aisha Buhari, Future Assured.

Argungu, who was represented at the event by the Bauchi State Coordinator

of the NDE, Ali Lawal Yaya,

informed that the benefitting states are Bauchi, Sokoto, Kano, Jigawa, Kebbi, and Zamfara.

He said each of the six states will have to produce 20,000 masks

and distribute the same to their people.

Still on Covid-19

Aisha-Buhari-shares-face-mask Aisha Buhari: Distributes face mask to northern states

He informed that the face masks are to be sown by women tailors in the

benefiting states within one week

“since they are at home doing nothing”.

“That is why we came up with this to engage them instead of us going to the market to buy

the masks,” Argungu stated.

Nevertheless he further stated that the collaboration between the NDE and Future

Assured to produce face masks is aimed at containing the spread of COVID-

19 pandemic and thus save the lives of Nigerians.

Meanwhile, Aisha Buhari is really concerned about the welfare of the people of Nigeria.

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Covid-19: Davido & Wizkid still high on a worldwide scale

Davido & Wizkid still high on a worldwide scale

In spite of the lockdown, due to the Covid-19, Davido & Wizkid still high on a worldwide scale

it’s acceptable to realize that Nigerian artistes are effectively utilizing

their time as they keep on discharging new melodies, with some making it

a stride further by having intercontinental coordinated efforts.

As of late, two of Nigeria’s greatest stars and saw rivals Davido and Wizkid

ventured up their games in another worldwide coordinated effort around the same time.

The first accompanied American artiste and musician,

Khalid highlighting Davido and Temsbaby in “Know Your Worth.”

Davido did well in the tune and his fans have been acclaiming him.

At that point hardly any hours following the arrival of Know Your Worth,

American artiste, Akon declared his new melody including Wizkid titled “Escape.”

“Break” has been broadly gotten by Wizkid fans, who have likewise been

commending him for his job in the tune as report unveiled he co-composed the melody with Akon.

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In any case, it would seem that the new joint efforts will achieve another opposition

among Davido and Wizkid’s fans who are prone to think about the

accomplishment of the pair against one another.

Independent of this, Wizkid and Davido have by and by done the African

landmass pleased and demonstrated that regardless of the circumstance,

with regards to music, African artistes stay applicable.

Enjoy this:

Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

Different-types-of-equalizer-filters-5 Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

Different types of equalizer filters and their uses.

Equalizer it’s a piece of gear or software used to shape the tone of the sound

it’s considered to be the mixing and mastering engineer best tool

Today, the equalizer has so may types like the parametric, paragraphic, graphics equalizer, etc.

whichever you use they have different types of equalizer filters

Examples of paragraphic equalizer is the waves “Q” series.

WAVES-Q10 Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

A typical example of the parametric equalizer is the waves SSL equalizer or the pro tools Eq3

WAVES-SSL-EQ Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

While the graphic equalizer example are the cubase GEQ-10/GEQ-30

geq-10_geq-30 Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

Now that we are familiar with some types of equalizer, it’s time to dive

into the concept of this tutorial which is the Different types of equalizer filters and their uses,

Equalizer filters

This filter consists of high pass filter (HPF), low shelf filter, bell filter. Low pass filter (LPF),

and low shelf filter and Peak or Bell filter.

These are the different types of equalizer filters I will be teaching you on how to use.

1, High pass filter or HPF for short, Is an effect of the equalizer when

Different-types-of-equalizer-filters-3 Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

engaged or enable cuts everything at a specific point to the lowest part of

the music spectrum,

for example if my hpf is engaged or enable on

100hz automatically everything below the 100hz will be rolled off as its

name implies it’s a filter that allows only the highs region to pass through

without being affected

you can set the shape of roll-off gently or aggressively depends on your choice 6db 12db, 24db, 36db octave

Nevertheless, you can start to experiment with different types of equalizer


Understanding Different Types of equalizer filters

2, low shelf filter is almost like the hpf but this type of filter lowers or

low-shelf Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

boosts the point it’s engaged with till the lower region. Say for example

If we to decides to lower or boost the bass region without a complete cut we use the low shelf filter to do the magic

3, The Bell or Peak filter is also used to dip or boost frequency around where it is set.

Different-types-of-equalizer-filters-2 Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

The bell/peak filter has a very special parameter called the “Q” factor this function allows you to narrow or widen your cut or boost.

Say for example we notice a honky sound in our element and we need to engage or activate

our equalizer around 1k, for example, we can dip or cut some

decibels out and with the aid of the Q factor we can narrow the cut

In general, when cutting you need a narrow Q factor and when

boosting it’s better to use a wider Q factor, so many different types of equalizer filters operates differently

3, The low pass filter is the opposite of the high pass filter, this filter is used to cut off anything above where it’s set.

Different-types-of-equalizer-filters-4 Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

For example, if it’s set around 12k automatically everything above the 12k region will be rolled out,

5, High shelf, it’s also the opposite of low shelf but in the opposite direction,

Different-types-of-equalizer-filters-7 Different types of equalizer filters and their uses

It allows you to lower or increase the sound at any given point set towards the high region of the sound spectrum.

Learning different types of equalizer filters and their uses can really make your job easier

I might have forgotten something please kindly share your comment below and please share.

Recording Studio in Benin City – The Beat Entertainment

IMG-20200411-WA0008-1-1024x768 Recording Studio in Benin City - The Beat Entertainment
The Beat Entertainment

Recording Studio in Benin City

The Beat Entertainment is a popular name in the Benin City

which was established in January

1991 as a Dj studio

then called the Beat studio,

In the year 2004, it was upgraded to an analog and digital recording

studio which it’s still till date

On the other hand, The Beat Entertainment has top-class

Recording Studio equipment to delivers you with today’s analog and digital

quality sound.

Nevertheless, for Video production, The Beat Entertainment

is affiliated to Media 308

In case you might be asking yourself, about the Services we offer

in Benin City,

The Beat Entertainment.offers:-

1, VOCAL RECORDING – With our class A tube microphone

IMG-20200411-WA0007-1024x768 Recording Studio in Benin City - The Beat Entertainment
true tube mic

2, Mixing And Mastering in Recording Studio

IMG-20200411-WA0005-1024x768 Recording Studio in Benin City - The Beat Entertainment
Mixing and mastering through plugins and hardware

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a Recording Studio in Benin City

to help you realize your dreams then let The Beat Studio Do it for you.

Contact us:-



09071766001, 09021050903

EMAIL:[email protected]

And the Good news? Is that our Services worth more than our charges in Benin City

Nevertheless, You can send your 30 seconds song for a mix and mastering trail

When it comes to production we don”t settle for less.

 Recording Studio in Benin City Trending songs

How to compress afro vocal to sit properly in the mix

SSL_Duende_Native How to compress afro vocal to sit properly in the mix

How to compress afro vocal.

Compressor or dynamic control is generally a piece of device or software used to attenuate/tame the audio source material.

Long before the invention of the compressor mix engineer developed a trick

whereby the volume of different channels where manually engaged by hands

to keep them lower at higher passages and higher at lower passages to maintain

an even level throughout the song

In this tutorial, I will be showing you How to compress afro vocal to sit properly in the mix

and this secret works well with all genres of music.

In brief, the parameters of the compressor are very important in archiving our goal

of making the vocal to sit nicely and properly in the mix

I will be using some basic compressor as an example, and am not in any way

affiliated to the owners or neither are these compressor the best,

there are so many good compressors are out there with great unique characters

So let us dive into How to compress afro vocal

how-to-use-compressor How to compress afro vocal to sit properly in the mix

The above image shows a traditional waves renaissance compressor called the RCompressor which features all the normal parameters of a great compressor

which we are going to be using today.

1, Threshold, Attack, Release, Ratio and makeup gain are the features of a normal compressor.

Method 1 On How to compress afro vocal

signal-compressed How to compress afro vocal to sit properly in the mix

I will generally start by setting my ratio to 4:1 and turn my Attack button all the way to it max meaning-making

the attack to react slowly and turn my release to the react very fast then I will set the Threshold to catch the peaks of the vocal

The fun part of it is I will gradually dial back the attack knob slowly back until the vocal begins to sound dual I will stop there.

by now I should be seeing that the gain reduction meter showing

-4db of gain reduction, I can dial hard the threshold to -8db of gain reduction to compress afro vocal to sit properly in the mix

it depends on taste

Method 2

Start with a vocal preset and gradually set your Threshold to reduce 4\8 db of gain reduction listen very in setting the attack and release to taste.

Nevertheless, whichever ways you choose always remember that your ear is your final Judge,

threshold How to compress afro vocal to sit properly in the mix

Always A/B check your compressed signal to bring back your vocal to its initial level

please leave a message below or feel free to ask your question or post your method as well

Mixing Afro music tips for beginners by Jeff Morris

FB_IMG_1578387160056 Mixing Afro music tips for beginners by Jeff Morris

Mixing Afro music.

Am Musa Okunzuwa Idehen, a studio owner

and a mix engineer based in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria.,

I studied music at Sir Victor Uwaifo Academy in the late

’80s before moving to Italy in 2001,

where I learned more about mixing as a studio assistant.

Today am going to share most of the experience I have had in these past years.

Mixing Afro music is a little bit like other genres of music

First of all, we have to look at the low frequency which will normally consist of the kick and bass guitar.

In mixing Mixing Afro music lows we need to decide which element takes the deeper low

In afro-pop dance music, for example, the kick goes deeper and carries the power of the song.

Basically, the kick should be centered around 60/80hz while the bass guitar would be centered around 80/100hz

Generally I do high pass on my kick around 30 or 40hz depending on the material,

I will compress the kick to reduce the peaks with a slow attack and fast release and a ratio of 4:1 while Mixing Afro music

I will explain the compressor in more detail in another tutorial

After that move to the next element which is the bass guitar, I will never mix these two foundation elements alone in solo mode

Always ways listen to them as one element while processing any of them

On my bass guitar, I will do a high pass around 50/70hz again it depends on the source material.

I may decide whether to buss together in a new group channel or apply a side chain to duck the bass when the kick and the bass hit together,

After finding a proper level balance for the kick and bass in Mixing Afro music.

Mixing Afro music.

The snare drum is an important element that I normally high pass at 100hz and a broad boost around 180/200hz and a little dip cut around 2k and a little broad boost around 8k for crank on snare drums.

Then, it’s time to mix in the high hats which I will roll off the low for 400hz down with a high pass filter including the cymbals

With the toms, I high pass them from 60hz down to create space for the kick and bass. After careful blending of these elements to the kick and bass.

We will now have to mix in the principal instrumental

Let take for example, the piano,

I will roll off all the low frequencies starting from 150 with a high pass filter. Thereby creating nice space for the kick and bass

The high pass on the piano is not a magical number, you have to sweep around to find the right spot in Mixing Afro music

I normally compress all my elements slightly to tame their peaks then I add a little eq boost at 4k with a wide Q factor.

and I will find a perfect level balance for the paino

Then I will s move up to the other elements with the same method If the piano..

Mixing is not a magic thing, it a skill that you have to learn. And do keep making a good mix with this knowledge.

You can download your favorite song and learn

Nevertheless, I will be showing you how to balance your Afrobeat low end in a very special way.

Please share your comment below and leave your email for us to send you quality and easy tutorials on mixing afro music


Billie Eilish clears top Grammy awards

Billie-Eilish-. Billie Eilish clears top Grammy awards

Vocalist Billie Eilish, who offered voice to youngsters battling with sadness on a do-it-

without anyone else’s help collection she made at home with her more seasoned sibling, is on the music world.

The 18-year-old left a mark on the world at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

In addition to the fact that she became the most youthful individual to win one of Grammy’s top honors — record,

melody, and collection of the year, and best new craftsman — Eilish is the main craftsman to clear each of the four since Christopher Cross did in 1981.

“This is, as, stunning,” Billie Eilish said soon after the show.

Eilish likewise won the best new craftsman and her collection

“When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

additionally won the best pop vocal collection. Her sibling, Finneas O’Connell, won honors for designing and delivering the collection.

“The music I tuned in to when I was growing up, perhaps 7, 8, 9 or 10, 13, that was the most significant music to me everlastingly,

” Finneas said behind the stage after the function.

“Whenever an individual that age comes up to both of us and says [it is their favorite], I realize how much that way to them.

That is the reason it implies such a great amount to me. I trust they’re celebrating. This is all a result of them.”

He said that they never believed that a collection that tends to misery,

musings of suicide and the environmental switch would be up for a Grammy.

Billie Eilish won big

Billie-Eilish Billie Eilish clears top Grammy awards

Eilish noticed that they made the collection in a room of the Los Angeles-region home where they experienced childhood in.

“It resembles the sky is the limit,” she said.

In tolerating her honors, Eilish noticed that she had grown up tuning in to a large number of the specialists at the function, which occurred in Los Angeles,

California. She additionally said she thought Ariana Grande merited collection of the year.

Different champs included Lizzo, who brought home three Grammys, including best pop independent execution for

“Truth Hurts,” best customary R&B execution for “Jerome” and top urban contemporary collection for “Cuz I Love You.”

Tyler, the Creator won for best rap collection for

“Igor.” Lil Nas X won for best pop couple or gathering execution for his coordinated effort with Billy Ray Cyrus on “Old Town Road.

” Dan + Shay won best nation pair or gathering execution for their melody “Stunned.”

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Rohr targets deal renewal with Super Eagles

Rohr Rohr targets deal renewal with Super Eagles

Rohr targets deal renewal with Super Eagles

The German strategist and the Nigerian football overseeing body are set for crunch talks over the restoration of his agreement

as the Super Eagles handler

Gernot Rohr wants to proceed as Nigeria mentor as he approaches the expiry of his present agreement

with the three-time African victors.

The German joined the West African country in August 2016 on an underlying two-year bargain

which was reached out until June 2020 after the nation verified a spot at the Russia 2018 Fifa World Cup.

Since he took over in charge,

the previous Bordeaux and Nice chief has guided the Super Eagles to the

World Cup and the African Cup of Nations,

where they completed third in Egypt a year ago.

With contract talks planned to occur in February,

Rohr wants to proceed with his experience with the Super Eagles as they

focus on a spot at the Afcon 2021 in Cameroon and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Rohr-. Rohr targets deal renewal with Super Eagles

The 66-year-old likewise recognized how he has built up a young group

notwithstanding the retirement of key players like Victor Moses, John Obi Mikel, and Odion Ighalo.

“I have been there for over three years and it is long for Nigeria,

in light of the fact that once in a while can a mentor be kept up as long. What’s more,

it was conceivable in light of the fact that the outcomes were acceptable,

that the group has advanced and that we achieved the crucial revival,”

Rohr wants a renewal

Rohr disclosed to Girondins 33.

“It was arranged and we figured out how to do it with youthful players including the two that you know,

who play in the Girondins (Samuel Kalu and Josh Maja), and there are others in England, in Spain, and so forth…

We never again have a major star, since John Obi Mikel resigned,

Victor Moses additionally resigned for family and age reasons and even our

top scorer, Odion Ighalo, declared his retirement after Afcon 2019.

“We figured out how to discover a scorer in Victor Osimhen and different playmakers:

we have Samuel Chukwueze who plays at Villarreal,

the little Samuel Kalu from Bordeaux who plays very well with us – a

standout amongst other each time he plays with Nigeria.

So we have an incredibly, youthful, promising group, and I might want to proceed.

“We will see the pioneers soon.

It is gotten ready for the period of February and potentially before the matches in the long stretch of

March for the capability of the African Cup of Nations. Maybe we could consent to proceed with the experience with Nigeria.”

Nigeria will continue their passing effort for the 2021 Afcon with a twofold

header apparatus against West African neighbors Sierra Leone on March 23 and 31.

Wizkid plays at a private party for Cameroon First daughter

Wizkid-plays-at-a-private-party-for-Cameroon-First-daughter Wizkid plays at a private party for Cameroon First  daughter

Wizkid plays at a private party.

Cameroon’s web-based life space has been humming with updates on how Nigerian performer

In case you might be asking yourself, Wizkid was flown into the nation by the principal family for a private gathering.

The said party was for the primary little girl, Brenda Biya,

yet a video discharged by some diversion locales demonstrated that First Lady Chantal Biya was additionally in participation.

The gathering which occurred in Douala was another year slam as indicated by certain reports.

But wait, let me tell you something, Wizkid, genuine name Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is seen singing one of his renowned tracks “Joro

in the organization of various women with Christmas tree and presents likewise caught.

The babble on Twitter particularly is about how citizen’s cash was utilized to pay the performer to go to a private gathering.

Nevertheless, No confirmation has been showed with that impact and government has not remarked on the advancement up ’til now.

Wizkid-plays-at-a-private-party Wizkid plays at a private party for Cameroon First  daughter

On the other hand, Wizkid had reported that he would have been in Cameroon on eve of the New Year 2020 for a show in Yaounde,

yet he didn’t make reference to performing for the main family.

Obviously the principal purpose behind the visit,

On the other hand, the private opening of a café occurred before he was welcome to engage the First Family.

For some analysts, the artist required to be paid for his administrations independent of the wellspring of financing.

Nevertheless, Others were of the view that it wasn’t right for expenses to be utilized in such a way.

Wizkid plays at a private party & Trending songs