Nigerian artist Burna Boy (African Giant)

Nigerian-artist-Burna-Boy Nigerian artist Burna Boy (African Giant)

Nigerian artist Burna Boy has pronounced he would bring back the Grammy grant to Nigeria.

Review that Burna’s collection African Giant was designated in the

World Best Music Album, close by individual African amazing artist, Angelique Kidjo.

All things considered, the weeks are moving closer for the

worldwide honor function which is set to hold in January 2020,

and the vocalist has relieved the feelings of trepidation of his fans,

who intensely trust that he would turn into the main

Nigerian to scale through the designation level and in the end bring the honor home.

During the Livespot Festival held throughout the end of the week in Lagos,

Nevertheless, Burna Boy vowed to bring the honor home.

His words:

“I go carry the Grammy come and when I return, we go reason.”

Nigerian artist Burna Boy 2019/2020

In July, Burna discharged his fourth independent collection African Giant by means of Spaceship Entertainment and Warner Music.

With a tune swap with Jorja Smith,

Burna got a more standard introduction by means of Smith’s “Be Honest” track and the fifth track off African Giant, “Gum Body.”

The video for “Omo” begins with a setup shot of Burna sitting on a major seat inside a strip club,

with the words Giant Club featured in Neon showed over the seat.

The following shots show Burna zigzagging all around various areas inside the club while

comparing those shots with Burna’s fantasy young lady alone apparently one stage in front of Burna.

Try not to worry, as at one point in the video Burna and his fantasy young lady are caught in the shot inside the club.

As of late, Burna discharged the video for “Another Story” also.

Watch the “Omo” video completely in the clasp above.

Burna Boy is a Warner Music craftsman. Uproxx is an autonomous backup of Warner Music Group

check on the low video

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